President: Nadezhda Alexandrova, University of Sofia, mail:

Bulgarian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies was founded in 1992 in Sofia. It now counts 43 members, most of them are affiliated to Sofia University, to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, to National Library, to the universities in Plovdiv, Veliko Turnovo, Shumen, Blagoevgrad, to some local museums, etc. The Bulgarian Society is active member of the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies and takes part in all its activities.

The Society promotes studies of eighteenth-century history and culture in Bulgarian, Balkan and European context. Supports international co-operation and networking. Organizes interdisciplinary conferences and publishes collected articles.


Books, Editors and Typography in the 18th and 19th Century (Sofia, 1993).
International conference dedicated to Voltaire (Sofia, 1994) with participants from Albania, Belgium, France, Romania.

Cultural Spaces in the 18th and 19th Century (Sofia, 1998).

Eighteen Century in Bulgaria (Sofia, 1999).

International conference To Think the other – Images, Stereotypes, Crises (18th –20th Centuries) (Sofia, 2000) with participants from Albania, Belgium, Greece, France, Romania, Russia, Turkey and USA.

The Modernity: Yesterday and Today. (Sofia, 2002).

Money, Words, Memory. (Sofia, 2003).

The Enlightened Laughter. (Sofia, 2004).


To Think the other – Images, Stereotypes, Crises, Kralica Mab, Sofia, 2001.

The Modernity: Yesterday and Today, Kralica Mab, Sofia, 2002.

Money, Words, Memory, Kralica Mab, Sofia, 2003.