The old Garment of New Time



The two aspects of modernity – the doctrinal and the experimental, the metaphysical and the scientific outline various patterns. If in a doctrinaire plan the curve returns to its starting point, to omega in the experimental it has traveled far forward.

Thus, the myth of modernity keeps on to living because of its doctrinal metaphysic pattern, which at certain points returns to its starting point. Gaining past experience and orientation to the future it refurbishes to meet the contemporary tendencies.

In this way the Logos and Eidos of the New Time of the shaping ab ovo South Slavic nations are exposed to a decentralizing counterbalance towards the dangerous concentration of liability, the one that concept of modernity being only directed to the future historic apprehension, has tended to shift onto a problematic and entangled past, as if tied to a knot. The generations – future and past, would be both eager to claim to the fragile Messianic fervour of the present.


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