Bulgarian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
And Center for Advanced Studies

Are organizing

International interdisciplinary conference


Or the (bias) “images” that East builds to the West


The conference will discuss the images of the West in art and literature, in humanities and social sciences, media and mass consciousness.

Some of the topics will be:

– Relations between Orientalism and Occidentalism; Occidentalism as a reaction to Orientalism; Orientalism as a model for Occidentalism.

– Social, psychological and historical aspects of the opposition East – West.

– Mental constructs about the West and their presence in art, humanities and social consciousness.

– History of Occidentalism, its origin, development and modifications.

– Occidentalism and stereotypes for the Other.

– Occidentalism, nationalism and pan-ideologies (Pan-Slavism, Pan-Turkism, etc.)

– Europeization and/or Occidentalism.

– Occidentalism and Globalization.

The idea of the conference presumes texts about different periods, different national phenomena and different methodological approaches, denials of the notion included. Balkan, Bulgarian and Eastern European issues are welcomed.

The working language of the conference is Bulgarian and English. Translation will not be provided.

The Conference will take place at the fist decade of May 2005 in Sofia. Please send a submission, abstract (about 200 words) and short CV before 1 March 2005. The organizing committee will select the papers, prepare and circulate the program around 20 March 20005.

The organizers could not cover any travel and housing expenses.


Nikolay Aretov: naretov@yahoo.com

Raia Zaimova: rzaimova@hotmail.com

Diana Mishkova: mishkova@cas.bg


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