International Interdisciplinary Conference


Or the “images” that the East projects of the West

University of Sofia
4-5 May, 2005



Wednesday 4 May, Hall 1

Morning session

Chair: Raïa Zaimova


Nikolay Aretov, What is Occidentalism and does it have ground at our house? Preliminary theses in search of the literary aspects of the issue

Leela Ganhi (Melbourn), Orientalism vs Occidentalism: A Note against Equivalence

Dimitar Kambourov, The Double Mirror: the Orient and the Occident from the standpoint of Balkan Inbetweenness

Jasmina Mojsieva-Guseva (Skopje), Оccident versus Orient

* Larry Wolff, (Boston) The Spirit of 1776: Polish and Dalmatian Declarations of Philosophical Independence

* Nikolay Chernokozhev, Untergange und Abendland






Yelda Demirag (Ankara), Pan- ideologies in the Ottoman Empire against the West: From Pan-Ottomanism to Pan-Turkism

Recep Boztemur (Ankara), The Other in the East: Orientalism and the Ottoman Empire

Yordanka Bibina, The Turkish Sight on the West or the Emancipation of the East?

Nadejda P. Alexandrova, A “European” Gaze to the Turkish Province or What Do Ladies See



14.00-16.30 Afternoon session

Chair: Diana Mishkova

Diana Mishkova, Visions of Europe in the Nineteenth-century Balkans: A Case Study in Cultural Transfer of Knowledge

Sanya Velkova, Self-identification between the East and the West: the Greek characteristics of the Balkan phenomenon at the end of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries

Roumiana L. Stantcheva, Le roôle de l’expression artistique dans la construction d’images valides de l’Occident (En partant des annees 30 du XX-ème siècle et d’un materiel Sud-est européen)

Antoaneta Balcheva, Occidentalism – rhetorical forms of self-identification

* Wendy Bracewell (London), Orientalism, Occidentalism and Cosmopolitanism: Balkan Travel Writings on Europe






Ludmilla Kostova, Beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism: a Belated Reading of Thomas Hope’s Anastasius or the Memoirs of a Greek

Vitana Kostdinova, Western Visions

Radoslava Ilcheva, “Handsome is, handsome does”, Or External appearance in the Cultural Antithesis East – West



Thursday 4 May, Hall 2


9.30-11.00 Morning session

Chair: Nikolay Aretov

Raymond Detrez (Gent), ‘Hellenization’ and ‘Europeanization’ in Bulgaria during the National Revival Period

Bissera Dakova, Ein kurzes Lexikon des Orients (oder über eine ungeäusserte Debatte zwischen Ivan Bogorov und Dobri Woinikov)

Nikoleta Patova, Rejected Europeism

Dessislava Lilova, Europe as Colonialist: The Debate about the Railways in the Bulgarian Press from the Period of the National Revival

* Elena Nalbantova, The ideologist Rakovski and his experiment “Hindistan”






Nadezda Andreeva, Europa in Assen Rastzvetnikovs Lyrik

Albena Vacheva, The shrewd way is to arm ourselves with their arms: Bulgarian modern debate about native and non-native art

Raïa Zaimova, Le catholique khan Tervel ?

Lubomir Georgiev, “Drang nach Westen“ im 18. Jahrhundert. Die bulgarische Ansiedlung in Siebenburgen und Temesvarer Banat als Stutze des westlichen Einflusses auf diesen Gebieten



14.30 Afternoon session

The Image of the Other in Bulgarian Literature (Round table)

Boyka Ilieva, The image of Italy and Italians in the Bulgarian geography textbooks from the National Revival

Christina Petkova, Deutsche Literaturideen in der Poesie von Petko Slavejkov

Concluding discussion