Jasmina Mojsieva-Gusheva

Occident versus Orient



This paper discusses the opposition of West and East and the terminated dialogue of the two civilizations, in particular, following the terrorist actions. Logic of the stereotype thinking of both sides contributes to this gap broadening: Edward Said’s story about “Western colonialism”, and deliberate Western manipulation with the picture of the “oriental world” as well as Peter Burner Louis’ consideration that it is not by accident that “functioning democracy” does not exist in any of the Islamic societies.

In this context, the picture of the Other, enhanced by negative indicted tones rapidly turns into a picture of the enemy. Such proclamation is a dangerous social occurrence, which forces the masses to believe that the others are really hostile. In fact, the point is in the wrong impression about the Others, perverted reaction of particular movements of the Islamic world to the Western world; on the other hand the Western “democracy” entangles similar theories about the Islamic world.

The dialogue between cultures might become possible if Basab Tibi’s message is heard stating that “the Islam must recognize secular values of the Western modern”, but also “the West must recognize the equality of religions”. However, this is not sufficient to prevent the new type of terrorist war between “crusaders” from the Occident and “jihad” from the Orient. Their conflicts are unavoidably connected with the process of globalisation and the concept of Hard and Negri’s new empire.


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