Teodora Bakardjieva

Ruse “great and multi-commercial” or is “Modern Ruschuk” really modern



Ruse has been labeled a modern city for decades, and the Ruse inhabitants has been defining themselves as modern people, as better Europeans than the other, even in crisis periods. The roots of this demonstrated modernity could be traced back to the end of the 18th century – the beginning of the 19th century when important gaining of experience in the urban, modern life-style is observed. Situated on the European Danube River, Ruse has much more reasons to get out of the traditional framework compared to the other country towns. The Danube is the door to new and unknown worlds for the people of Ruse, it inspires them, makes them feel more mobile, freer. The new ideas, the new fashions come mainly down the Danube River and they are the propellers that give rise to the positive spiritual movements.

The Ruse inhabitants build up themselves and their city in an environment in which they are able to find their own place and this allows them not only to meet the modern but also to think about it and to appraise it.


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