Sanya Velkova

Tradition and Modernization: the Greek example before one Century



The period has been chosen with the clear idea that since the end of the 80s the clash of ideas with local character, with influences from West-European origin outlines the cultural aspect of new Greece which makes efforts to fit in the new European realities. The thesis has been backed with examples of literature development, as well as with the observations of general cultural character. Special attention has been payed to the specific problem for the national identity, in search of which the efforts of the Greek society of this period were put to work.

Accent in this exposé presents the more detailed examination of the town-planning and architectural development of Thessaloniki as an example for “going out” from the parameters established in XIX century and striving to lend a “Greek” face of the recent cosmopolitan town, regardless of the context of clearly expressed Pro-European concepts.


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